Unearth the Best Horror Film Festivals (2023 – 2024)


We will unearth the best horror film festivals from the United States, Canada and International.  From Frightfest to Screamfest to Toronto After Dark, we will be your guide to the top 40 horror film festivals from around the globe.

The Best Horror Film Festivals

Welcome to the beguiling universe of horror film festivals!  We will unearth the best horror film festivals from the United States, Canada and International.  From Frightfest to Screamfest to Toronto After Dark, we will be your guide to the top 40 horror film festivals from around the globe.

Whether you’re into psychological thrillers, supernatural horror, or gore-filled splatterfests, these festivals have something to satisfy your darkest cinematic cravings.

From the United States, Canada and international locales, horror festivals await the intrepid traveler of the macabre. These are gatherings not merely for fans but pilgrimages for those who seek to be immersed in the world of horror.

We will be your guide through a haunted maze of top-tier horror film festivals, each with its own unique charm, flavor, and gruesome delights.  Our quest is to unearth the very best horror film festivals from around the globe.

It’s time to discover the hidden gems, the iconic festivals, and the emerging talents that make the world of horror film festivals a haven for the devoted and the daring. Ready to dive into the abyss?

Join us, as the best horror film festivals are waiting to be unearthed!

Top 10 Horror Film Festivals in the United States (2023 – 2024)

  1. Screamfest Horror Film Festival – Los Angeles, California

Screamfest is one of the longest-running and most prestigious horror film festivals in the U.S. It’s a platform for emerging and established horror filmmakers to showcase their work.


  1. Overlook Film Festival – Various Locations, USA

The Overlook Film Festival is known for its immersive experiences and unique approach to horror storytelling. It’s a nomadic festival that offers a blend of film, interactive events, and live performances


  1. Nightmares Film Festival – Columbus, Ohio

Nightmares Film Festival focuses on independent horror cinema, providing a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent. It’s a must-visit for fans of indie horror.


  1. Telluride Horror Show – Telluride, Colorado

Nestled in the stunning mountains of Colorado, the Telluride Horror Show offers a diverse selection of horror films, from chilling thrillers to supernatural tales.


  1. HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival – Various Locations, USA

HorrorHound Weekend is a traveling horror convention and film festival that celebrates all things horror. It features a variety of horror films and attracts horror enthusiasts from across the country.


  1. New York City Horror Film Festival – New York, New York

This festival is a celebration of horror cinema in the heart of the Big Apple. It features a curated selection of horror films and hosts panels and discussions with industry professionals.


  1. Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival – Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival is known for its eclectic mix of genre films, including horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. It’s a platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work.


  1. Brooklyn Horror Film Festival – Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival offers a curated selection of cutting-edge horror films. It’s an event that explores the diverse and innovative aspects of the horror genre.


  1. Popcorn Frights Film Festival – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Popcorn Frights is a celebration of all things horror and genre cinema. It features a mix of premieres, classic screenings, and special events for horror fans.


  1. H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival – Portland, Oregon

This festival is a tribute to the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the cosmic horror genre. It screens films inspired by Lovecraft’s writings and celebrates the eerie and otherworldly.


Top Horror Film Festivals in Canada (2023 – 2024)

  1. Toronto After Dark Film Festival – Toronto, Ontario

Toronto After Dark is not only one of Canada’s premier genre film festivals but also one of the top in the world. It showcases a diverse selection of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy films, making it a must-attend for horror enthusiasts.


  1. Fantasia International Film Festival – Montreal, Quebec

Fantasia is a renowned genre film festival that offers a wide range of horror and fantasy films from around the world. It’s a platform for both established and emerging filmmakers.


  1. BITS (Blood in the Snow) Film Festival – Toronto, Ontario

BITS is a festival dedicated to Canadian horror films. It’s a fantastic opportunity to discover and support emerging talent in the Canadian horror scene.


  1. Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) – Calgary, Alberta

While not exclusively a horror festival, CUFF often features a significant selection of horror and genre films. It’s a vibrant event for fans of alternative cinema.


  1. Montreal Requiem Fear Fest – Montreal, Quebec

The Requiem Fear Fest aims to be Montreal’s premier horror convention since 2016. They provide a venue for fans and creators alike to celebrate all things horror.


  1. Rue Morgue CineMacabre Movie Nights – Toronto, Ontario

Hosted by Rue Morgue Magazine, CineMacabre Movie Nights screen a variety of horror films, from cult classics to hidden gems. It’s a beloved event in the Toronto horror community.


Top International Horror Film Festivals (outside the US and Canada) (2023 – 2024)

  1. Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival – Sitges, Spain

Sitges is one of Europe’s most prestigious genre film festivals. It’s a celebration of horror, fantasy, and science fiction cinema, offering a diverse selection of films from around the world.


  1. FrightFest – London, UK

FrightFest is the UK’s largest genre film festival, attracting horror fans from across the globe. It features a mix of premieres, classics, and special events, making it a must-visit for genre enthusiasts.


  1. Morbido Film Fest – Mexico City, Mexico

Morbido is Mexico’s gift to horror cinema. It’s known for its international flavor, showcasing films from various countries and celebrating the macabre in all its forms.


  1. Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) – Bucheon, South Korea

BiFan is Asia’s premier genre film festival, featuring a wide range of horror, fantasy, and science fiction films. It’s a hub for international filmmakers and fans.


  1. Méliès d’Argent: Lund International Fantastic Film Festival – Lund, Sweden

This festival pays tribute to the legacy of Georges Méliès, the father of special effects. It celebrates fantastic cinema with a focus on horror and fantasy films.


  1. Grimmfest – Manchester, UK

Grimmfest is a horror lover’s paradise in the heart of England. It showcases a mix of established and emerging talent in the genre, providing a platform for indie horror.


  1. Celluloid Screams – Sheffield, UK

Located in Sheffield, Celluloid Screams is a festival that specializes in horror and cult cinema. It’s known for its eclectic and daring film selection.


  1. Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival – Bruges, Belgium

This Belgian festival is dedicated to horror and fantasy films. It offers a diverse lineup and a unique opportunity to explore dark and imaginative storytelling.


  1. Night Visions International Film Festival – Helsinki, Finland

Night Visions in Helsinki is a celebration of genre cinema, including horror, fantasy, and science fiction. It’s a gathering of fans who revel in the mysterious and thrilling.


  1. Abertoir Horror Festival – Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

Abertoir Horror Festival is a haven for horror enthusiasts in Wales. It’s a celebration of the macabre, featuring a wide range of horror films, events, and live music.


  1. Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei – Molins de Rei, Spain

This Spanish festival is dedicated to horror cinema. It’s a showcase of international horror films, with a focus on the terrifying and unsettling.


  1. Mayhem Film Festival – Nottingham, UK

Mayhem Film Festival offers a blend of horror, sci-fi, and cult cinema. It’s a vibrant event that explores the darker and more experimental aspects of genre filmmaking.


  1. MOTELx – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival – Lisbon, Portugal

MOTELx is Portugal’s premiere horror film festival. It features a curated selection of horror films and hosts discussions, workshops, and live events.


  1. London Short Film Festival (LSFF) – London, UK

While not exclusively a horror festival, LSFF often includes a selection of horror and genre short films. It’s an essential event for fans of short-form horror.


  1. Imagine Film Festival – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Imagine Film Festival is a Dutch celebration of fantastic cinema, including horror, fantasy, and science fiction. It’s an event that explores the boundaries of imagination.


  1. Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) – Brussels, Belgium

BIFFF is Belgium’s premier genre film festival. It’s a vibrant gathering of horror and fantasy fans, featuring a mix of international films and special events.



These horror film festivals from around the globe offer a diverse array of horror cinema, from classic scares to cutting-edge scares. Each festival provides a unique experience for horror enthusiasts, allowing them to explore the dark and thrilling world of genre filmmaking from around the world.

FAQs Relating to Horror Film Festivals:

What is a horror film festival?

A horror film festival is an event dedicated to showcasing horror, thriller, and suspense films from various filmmakers. These festivals provide a platform for both emerging and established directors to screen their work to a targeted audience of horror enthusiasts.

What can I expect to see at a horror film festival?

At a horror film festival, you can expect to see a diverse selection of horror films, including feature-length movies, short films, and sometimes even documentaries related to the horror genre. The films can range from classic horror to cutting-edge, experimental, and international works.

Are horror film festivals suitable for all ages?

Most horror film festivals are intended for mature audiences due to the graphic and intense content often present in horror films. It’s common for festivals to enforce age restrictions, typically requiring attendees to be at least 18 or 21 years old.

Do horror film festivals offer more than just film screenings?

Yes, many horror film festivals offer a range of additional activities and events. These can include Q&A sessions with filmmakers, panel discussions, workshops, special guest appearances, cosplay contests, and after-parties. Some festivals even feature live performances or virtual reality experiences.

How can I attend a horror film festival?

To attend a horror film festival, you typically need to purchase tickets or passes through the festival’s official website or authorized ticketing platforms. It’s advisable to plan your visit well in advance, as popular festivals often sell out quickly. Make sure to check the festival’s schedule, venue, and any special requirements, such as age restrictions, before attending.





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