The Ritual Killer (2023) Movie Review


Interesting plot foiled by bad direction and uninspired acting. 2 out of 5

The Ritual Killer (2023) Movie Review
TitleThe Ritual Killer (2023)
GenreCrime Thriller
DirectorGeorge Gallo
StudioRedbox Entertainment
Release DateMarch 10, 2023
ActorsMorgan Freeman, Cole Hauser, Vernon Davis, Peter Stormare
Rating2 out of 5

The Ritual Killer (2023) Movie Review

Following the tragic death of his daughter in a drowning incident, the troubled Detective Lucas Boyd, portrayed by Cole Hauser, embarks on a relentless mission to apprehend an African witch doctor who is torturing and mutilating both adults and children in Mississippi. 

In his pursuit of justice, Boyd enlists the help of South African anthropologist Dr. Mackles, played by Morgan Freeman, in an attempt to halt the murderer’s gruesome rampage. Dr. Mackles identifies these killings as part of an African ritual known as “muti,” where influential individuals seek success, protection, or foresight by commissioning Sangomas (medicine men) to carry out these barbaric acts on their behalf.

While the premise of the movie holds promise, its execution falls painfully short. Right from the outset, it becomes evident that this is a B-grade production with subpar directing that leaves much to be desired. The performances of the actors are lackluster, with minimal emotional depth and unconvincing portrayals of their characters. From Cole Hauser to Peter Stormare, the Italian detective, and Rodoku, all performances feel stilted and uninspired.

The fight scenes within the film are amateurish to the point of cringe-worthiness, making them difficult to watch. The writing lacks the thrills one would expect from a thriller, and the editing is choppy, haphazardly transitioning between scenes in Italy and the US without any sense of cohesion. The only shining light in this otherwise lackluster production is Morgan Freeman, who, despite his limited screen time, delivers a commendable performance. However, his presence appears to be exploited solely for the sake of name recognition in what can only be described as a cinematic disaster.

There is a feeble attempt at a plot twist towards the end of the film, which, to its credit, does provide a moment of intrigue. Additionally, the final gruesome scene inadvertently veers into the realm of unintentional humor.

All in all, this police thriller falls far short of mediocrity. If you find yourself utterly bored with nothing better to do, you might consider giving it a watch. However, your time would likely be better spent on more rewarding cinematic experiences.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (out of 5)





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