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Mountain View Movies is by far my favorite source for DVDs and Blu rays for resale.  As a seller on Amazon, I compete against rock bottom prices of other sellers.  Mountain View Movies has allowed me to crush my competition while still seeing a very nice profit!  In fact, Mountain View Movies continues to be my main movie source for making a full time income online! 

While other "so called wholesalers" may offer attractive DVD packages, I have found that there is simply not enough profit or demand for the titles they are offering.  Mountain View Movies is completely different.  Their website is flooded with high profit, low competition titles!   Their customer service is top notch, their packaging is professional and their delivery is lightning fast!  It is nearly impossible these days to find media that will turn a profit- especially on a highly competitive marketplace like, but Mountain View Movies delivers, making the impossible possible!


Daniel G., Owner, Amazon Seller



We would like to take the time to express our appreciation to Mountain View Movies for providing excellent service. Mountain View Movies offers a great variety of assortments, high quality merchandise, awesome prices, lightening speed shipping, phenomenal promotions and the highest quality customer service in the industry. We have been in business for more than 20 years and such a truly outstanding business operation is rare nowadays. Exceptional buying experience, very well packaged, quick delivery, in the condition promised, excellent deals Wow. We believe Mountain View Movies is the best wholesaler in the nation and highly recommended. Thank you Mountain View Movies for constantly exceeding expectation for your customers. It is always a pleasure to do business with you

Ela I., Manager, Online Sales



First of all, thanks again for the opportunity to share my appreciation for you guys!  I've been buying from Mountain View Movies since '07. I now only buy from 4-5 distributors, and MVM is at the top of the class. The merchandise and prices are always of top quality. And any problem, though few and far between, has been handled swiftly and fairly, but most of all, professionally. 


My business has been up and down in recent years due to the economy, but a main reason why I am still afloat is Mountain View Movies. From the professional website, friendly staff, and competitive prices, I can honestly say that MVM is the best source for Wholesale Media. MVM was the very first DVD Distributor I purchased from, and as long as MVM is selling, I will be buying from them. 


Jeremy F., Owner, Ebay Seller



Mountain View Movies has helped take my business to the next level.  I was a spare time seller making under 10k per year on the internet for the last several years.  This year, sales are over 200,000, thanks in no small part to the wholesale buys I have made here.  Thanks Mountain View Movies!


Dave S., Owner, Online Sales



We have used most of the closeout dvd sites on the net and MVM is by far the most professional, accurate, and up-to-date. Unlike other sites that send out new stock email alerts and require you to purchase via e-mail, MVM posts all their inventory on their website and lets customers purchase in real time. This is very helpful as you know exactly what you are buying and will receive.  In the rare instance that you have a problem with your order, they make it right immediately. Most importantly, MVM listens to their customers and adapts. They are a pleasure dealing with in all respects.


Dave L., Owner, Ebay/Amazon Seller



I have been selling on line for about 10 years. Nowhere have I seen or used a more quality product than I get from Mountain View Movies.  Their prices at Mountain View Movies are not to be beat.  I have searched and researched literally thousands of companies claiming to be the best but only Mountain View Movies lives up to that claim!


Jeff B., Owner, Online Sales



"We have found Mountain View Movies to be a reliable resource for resell product.  After months of trying to grow our business, we found increasing our video sales was the answer.  Mountain Views value packages afford us the margin and assortment to achieve our goals.  Thanks Mountain View Movies "

Alex B. , Business Manager, Video Stores



"Mountain View Movies, you are by far the best site I have ever bought from.  Absolute great prices and service.  Easy to use.  An awesome find for my business."
Gordon I., Internet Sales


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