Press Play: The 10 Best Video Game Podcasts for Gamers


Whether you’re an avid gamer seeking the latest industry insights, a casual player looking for game recommendations, these 10 best video game podcasts have something for everyone.

top 10 video game podcasts

In the exciting world of gaming, staying informed and entertained is just as vital as mastering that tricky boss level or discovering the latest Easter egg.

Fortunately, there’s a treasure trove of knowledge, laughter, and camaraderie waiting for you in the form of video game podcasts.

Whether you’re an avid gamer seeking the latest industry insights, a casual player looking for game recommendations, or simply someone with a passion for all things pixelated, these podcasts have something for everyone.

From discussing the latest gaming news to sharing personal gaming experiences, these podcasts create a virtual haven for enthusiasts to connect, learn, and laugh together.

So, strap in, adjust your headphones, and get ready to discover the ultimate audio companions for your gaming adventures. It’s time to press play and level up your podcast game!

1. Get Played

“Get Played,” formerly known as “How Did This Get Played?” is an engaging audio podcast hosted by Heather Anne Campbell, Nick Wiger, and Matt Apodaca.

The show revolves around lively discussions and reviews of video games, with its earlier episodes focusing on peculiar or poorly received games.

In January 2022, the podcast underwent a format change to move away from intentionally playing bad games, aiming to enhance the overall experience for both guests and hosts.

In each episode, the podcast either delves into a specific game or engages in broader conversations about gaming. Typically, these discussions feature one or more guests, often individuals from the comedy scene with a shared passion for video games. Prior to recording, the hosts and guests play the chosen game, and during the episode, they delve into their experiences, the gaming community’s perspective, and the broader context surrounding the game.

As part of the show’s routine, the hosts and guests provide their own reviews of the game and share amusing and contrasting online reviews for added comedic flair.

2. Friends Per Second

This is a fairly new podcast that has been receiving stellar 5 star reviews. I will let them speak for its recommendation…

tontheloc, 09/10/2023 (apple)

These people are legit. They’ve been covering video games in one form or another forever it seems to me. From stellar Journalism to excellently curated video game guides/buys, to entertaining ways to complete or play games, these people know their craft. They bring this same kind of passion for the business to the podcast and when they get the chance to interview Game Developers they usually hit it outta the park.

LoofaTroopa, 08/14/2023 (apple)

These guys are honestly some of the best voices as far as video game journalism is concerned. Truly great people to listen to, who know what they’re talking about. Couldn’t recommend this enough.

HotFuzzFan, 05/30/2023 (apple)

This podcast is perfect — all my favorite video game nerds on a podcast together. Great perspectives, conversation, interviews, random shenanigans, it’s all there. I strongly recommend.

3. Filthy Casuals

“Filthy Casuals” is a video game related podcast hosted by Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel, and Adam Knox, all of whom are comedians from Australia. The podcast primarily focuses on casual gamers and their perspectives on the world of video games.

“Filthy Casuals” offers a humorous and laid back approach to discussing video games, making it accessible to gamers of all levels, from hardcore enthusiasts to those who play games more casually.

The hosts cover a wide range of topics related to gaming, including video game news, reviews of popular titles, discussions about gaming culture, and interviews with guests from the gaming industry.

The podcast is known for its witty banter, entertaining anecdotes, and the hosts’ relatable experiences with video games. It caters to a diverse audience, combining insightful gaming commentary with comedy, making it an enjoyable listen for both seasoned gamers and those looking to dip their toes into the gaming world.

4. Weapon Wheel

Hosted by a group of passionate gamers, the “Weapon Wheel” podcast often features candid and lively conversations about video game news, reviews, trends, and controversies.

The hosts and guests on “Weapon Wheel” cover a wide range of gaming platforms, including consoles and PC, and offer diverse perspectives on gaming topics. Listeners can expect insightful commentary on game releases, hardware developments, industry events, and the broader gaming culture.

While the primary focus of “Weapon Wheel” is video games, the podcast sometimes delves into related subjects like technology, game development, and gaming communities. The podcast’s combination of informative content, engaging debates, and the camaraderie among its hosts has made it a popular choice for gamers looking to stay updated and entertained in the world of video games.

5. Nextlander

The hosts of “The Nextlander Podcast” are known for their in depth knowledge of the gaming industry and their engaging and often humorous conversations.

They delve into a variety of subjects, including game reviews and recommendations, discussions about gaming culture and history, interviews with developers, and commentary on gaming events and conventions.

One notable aspect of the podcast is the hosts’ dedication to exploring both new and classic games, providing listeners with a well rounded perspective on the gaming world.

Whether you’re interested in the latest AAA titles, indie games, or retro classics, “The Nextlander Podcast” aims to have something for every type of gamer.

6. Easy Allies

Founded by former GameTrailers employees, the Easy Allies team is dedicated to delivering high quality gaming content with a strong emphasis on insightful discussions and a love for gaming.

The “Easy Allies” podcast features lively discussions about recent game releases, industry news, gaming events, and retrospectives on classic titles.

The hosts share their experiences, opinions, and critiques in a professional yet approachable manner, making the podcast appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers.

One of the standout features of “Easy Allies” is its diverse group of hosts, each with their own gaming preferences and expertise, providing a well-rounded perspective on the medium. The podcast is known for its passionate community of supporters and its dedication to providing informative and entertaining content for gamers of all kinds.

7. IGN Game Scoop!

This long-running podcast is known for its lively discussions, informative content, and a dash of humor. The show features a group of IGN editors and gaming enthusiasts who cover a wide spectrum of gaming topics.

Each episode of “IGN Game Scoop!” typically includes discussions about the latest gaming news, reviews of recent game releases, analysis of industry trends, and sometimes even interviews with game developers or industry professionals. The hosts bring a wealth of gaming knowledge to the table, offering a mix of personal insights, professional critiques, and light hearted banter.

The podcast’s format is designed to keep listeners updated on the evolving world of video games, making it a valuable resource for gamers looking for news, reviews, and engaging conversations about their favorite hobby. “IGN Game Scoop!” has a dedicated following and is appreciated for its ability to cater to both casual and hardcore gamers.

8. Castle Super Beast

“Castle Super Beast” is a video game and pop culture podcast hosted by Woolie Madden and Pat Boivin, who are well known figures in the gaming and internet content creation community. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including video games, anime, movies, and more.

The hosts engage in lively and often humorous discussions about their gaming experiences, recent releases, gaming news, and industry trends. They also delve into other aspects of geek culture, such as comic books, movies, and television series, providing a well-rounded entertainment podcast.

The podcast is known for its candid and unfiltered approach to discussing games and geek culture, making it appealing to fans who enjoy a more laid back and genuine style.

9. Spawn Cast

The “Spawn Cast” is hosted by the team behind the SpawnWave YouTube channel, led by host John Linneman. The podcast provides listeners with a weekly dose of gaming news, insights, and discussions, making it an informative and engaging resource for gamers.

In each episode of the “Spawn Cast,” the hosts delve into a wide range of gaming topics, including the latest video game news, reviews, industry trends, and sometimes even behind the scenes insights into the gaming industry.

The hosts often invite guests from various corners of the gaming world, including fellow YouTubers, game developers, and industry experts, to provide diverse perspectives and expertise.

The podcast is known for its friendly and approachable tone, making it accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers. The hosts share their genuine passion for video games, creating an atmosphere where listeners can stay informed about the gaming industry while also enjoying the camaraderie and discussions.

10. Play Watch Listen

“Play Watch Listen” is a video game podcast that offers a unique blend of perspectives from various entertainment industries. Hosted by Alanah Pearce, a well known gaming journalist; Austin Wintory, a renowned composer for video games and films; Troy Baker, a celebrated voice actor in the gaming industry; and Mike Bithell, a prominent indie game developer, this podcast brings together experts from different facets of entertainment.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, including video games, film, music, pop culture, and storytelling.

Each episode features insightful discussions and debates on these subjects, often with a focus on their intersection and influence on one another.

Listeners can expect thoughtful and sometimes humorous conversations that provide unique insights into the world of gaming and entertainment from various angles. The hosts often share personal anecdotes, industry anecdotes, and thought-provoking analyses.

“Play Watch Listen” caters to a broad audience, including gamers, cinephiles, music enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the creative aspects of entertainment.

Don’t forget to press play on your favorite gaming podcast. It’s like having a knowledgeable and entertaining gaming buddy right there with you.

As you continue your gaming journey, remember that these podcasts are your trusty companions, always ready to level up your experience.

Now, go forth, explore, and keep those headphones on. There are many more virtual adventures, heated debates, and laugh out loud moments waiting for you in the world of video game podcasts. Press play and enjoy the ride!





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